Day 180- February 17, 2010

Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Well, the second two aren’t true (I never comb my hair), but that song always comes to mind when I think about mornings. Oh well, I did wake up, as you do, and headed off to the city and the VCA to be Dougal’s accompanist for an audition to do Voice at uni. So we waited for a while, and the actual audition only took about ten minutes. It’s the kind of thing where you rehearse and prepare and wait and then you get the Oh-That-Was-Over-Quickly feeling.

I took the tram up to uni and went to the gym, not having been since last Monday. I got on the treadmill and was running with my ipod on, when I noticed a horrible thumping noise. I realised that I had put on, instead of runners, my Converse shoes with very little support (quelle horreur!). So it was harder to run, but the main thing was that my feet kept thumping down with a most alarming sound, making me very self-conscious (and a bit worried that I might be told off by gym staff for breaching Sports Centre Footware By-Laws). But it all worked out. (By which I mean that my regimen was completed without incident).

Home for lunch and a shower, and then out in the evening to a band rehearsal for the musical. I had brought my camera so that Today’s Photo could be related to said rehearsal. Perhaps a photo of the drums reflected in the piano lid or something stupid like that? But, of course, The Curse of the Missing Camera Card struck again. So keeping in with the spirit of music, I took a photo of some piano keys. How boring.


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