Day 181- February 18, 2010

Again to the gym. I find it very hard to motivate myself to go on Thursdays, seeing as I have Pilates afterwards. I normally just tell myself that it’s ok because Pilates counts, but I somehow worked up the resolve to go to both today. However, I forgot my ipod, which made it more boring. I did manage to read The Master and Margarita whilst on the exercise bike, so it was quite alright. It really is a funny book, although I’ve heard from some people that they didn’t like it. Perhaps it’s a particular style of satire and humour that doesn’t appeal to everybody. Perhaps it helps to be Russian. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Came home, read an email from Mum demanding that I write a book or film review (since I’ve been promising to write one for ages). I wrote one for The Slap, which I read some weeks ago. In fact, I’m getting back into reading, and remembering how enjoyable it can be. Anybody have any ideas of what I could read next? I’ll have to finish A Clockwork Orange and I’ve got some Phillip K Dick that I’ve been meaning to read, but am open to suggestions for a reading list. Anyway, my review is here.

Rehearsal, during which I mostly didn’t have to play piano (due to choreography going on), which was pleasant. The show’s coming together– hopefully it will be good for opening night in about five weeks’ time! And after rehearsal was dinner, which today was Indian takeaway. We initially planned on having Chinese, but found it difficult to find vegetarian dishes on the menu. Most of the items listed under “Vegetarian” contained meat and a fair few didn’t even mention vegetables. Today’s photo is of the spoons for the various dishes we got to share on a plate. Don’t be put off by the green one, it was delicious!


2 responses to “Day 181- February 18, 2010

  1. Did you get around to reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? I’ve just started it and it is quite the funny. Worth a look if you’re in the mood for some light pulp.

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