Day 182- February 19, 2010

Adi came over today, as he’s going back to university in Queensland soon. I went to pick him up from his place (because he lives in Mill Park and can’t drive) on the proviso that once he becomes a doctor, he will write scripts for me. Boo yah!

I showed him some scenes from The Room on Youtube, which lead to us watching the entire film, which I had downloaded earlier in the week. It really is amazingly bad, featuring sub-plot cul de sacs, atrocious dialogue, even more atrocious acting and the worst sex scenes you will ever see. To quote Adi: “I can’t believe such a thing actually exists”. I think it should be compulsory for everybody to watch, partially as a warning of how terrible a movie can be, but mostly for the laughs.

We resurrected Guitar Hero, which I hadn’t played for a while and it was good. Well, as soon as we realised that one of the cymbals on the drum kit was unplugged and causing us to fail all the songs. I mean, we still failed some songs, but mostly had fun. Adi got the hang of how to hold the guitar after a while of holding it like a sitar. Which got me thinking. They should totally make Ethnic Hero or something like that, where instead of the rock band instruments, you get a sitar, a balalaika, a pan flute and some bongos. Now that would be cool.

Then we ate dinner and watched 30 Rock. I really do have to download some more seasons of that- it is a very funny show. Desperate for something to post on the blog, I tried to take a photo of Adi with Tochka (seeing as how they got on and his threat to kidnap her), but her cameraphobia (you know what I mean, even if I think that literally means a fear of rooms) returned and she refused to pose. Luckily for me, when I was showing Adi out and talking to his dad, who’d come to pick him up, I saw what I think is a Orb Weaver Spider (pictured). It’s pretty gross, but it was hanging there from its web and so I had to take some photos. It was pretty hard to get the focus right in the darkness, but I managed to get this shot. How utterly revolting.


One response to “Day 182- February 19, 2010

  1. More like terrifying!!!!

    I dread the thought of accidentally walking through a spider web with a big spider in it! Definite heart attack material for me…

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