Day 183- February 20, 2010

Up in the morning and off to Flemington to teach English once more! It’s a bit strange, having three Year 8 classes in a row where I have to go through exactly the same stuff. I guess it gives me the opportunity to get comfortable with the material and shake it up a bit– find different ways to teach the same basics. Had quite a bit of fun getting the students to write book or movie reviews and then present them to the class, which most only did reluctantly. But they all managed to write and present something, and it gave me the opportunity to absolutely trash Twilight and Avatar. One of my students asked if it was ok to “do it on Mean Girls“. HELL YES YOU CAN DO IT ON MEAN GIRLS!

Came home, got a start on making homework, had dinner. Then it was off with James to meet up with Alex and go see The Hurt Locker, a not-your-average war film. It centres on a bomb defusal squad in Iraq, and surprisingly, is neither an all-guns-blazing action movie nor a cliche-ridden anti-war film. The movie favours tension over action (which, when it occurs, is effective), and focuses more on the personalities and experiences of the soldiers. That being said, there are some rather spectacular explosions. I also really liked the soundtrack. Will definitely have to look that up.

At a loss for Photo Of The Day, I got shots of some creepy mannequins on Lygon Street, some motorcyles that drove past, the ceiling of my platform at Flinders Street Station; and for Today’s Photo settled on one I took on a tram. Woo?


One response to “Day 183- February 20, 2010

  1. Loving today’s photo.

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