Day 184- February 21, 2010

More rehearsal! It’s kind of coming together. We roughly went through the second act today, so at least it’s been run through. On the downside, there are still problems to work through (I guess that’s not terribly unexpected), and I’m getting quite sick of people talking backstage when they’re not supposed to. The piano I’m playing is backstage, so trying to hear the singing onstage and play along is quite difficult is there’s noise. Argh. But there are a lot of positives. We got through quite a bit of one of the final numbers, Superstar, today, and the choreographers put the dancing into it (general chorus as well as an elite corps of “soul girls”). Heh.

After rehearsal, I went to the city for Tropfest, a short film festival which is based in Sydney and is televised via satellite in all of Australia’s capital cities. It used to be held in the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, a concert venue in the Alexandra Gardens, but for some reason has been moved to Federation Square. Upside: the new location is easier to get to, being across the road from Flinders Street Station. Downside: the new location isn’t very comfortable to sit on, lacking in both grass and concert seating. At least the films were good. I’m looking forward to getting the DVD in the paper next weekend so I can watch them again, but they’re also bound to be on Youtube. Shock, a quirky comedy about the soul-crushing lives of breakfast radio hosts, won, but I was rooting for another movie, narrated by a French fish, and featuring a Yahtzee game (can’t remember the name and can’t be bothered looking it up).

I also took some photos while I was there, so check them out on Flickr. Coming home, I saw my timetable for the first semester of uni was online, so I checked it out. Luckily, I get Fridays off, have enough time to go to Yoga and Pilates while still making sure uni committments don’t clash with musical rehearsals. Unfortunately, I have a tute starting at 8am one day (groan), but it’s only once every two weeks. I wouldn’t mind being able to change it, but meh. It’s a mostly good timetable. And now sleep, because I’m doing Yoga with Josiah tomorrow.


One response to “Day 184- February 21, 2010

  1. Fish lips was the name of your French accented fishy film 😛

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