Day 185- February 22, 2010

Argh. I forgot my ipod again. Exercise sans music is possibly the most boring and draining thing on the planet. But I got through it. And then Yoga, featuring Josiah, whom I’d convinced to come, seeing as he’s thinking of taking it up at the uni this year anyway. The yoga instructor who had been away for a few months (off to India, being very spiritually enlightened) came back, so there were a few unfamiliar exercises, but it was very good- a nice stretch and relax.

I came home and had just enough time to take a shower and microwave some pumpkin curry before my tutoring. And then off to Alex’s, as he had to prove to me that he could cook. He made pasta with tomato and bacon, and despite his fears, I didn’t spurn his food for McDonalds takeaway. We also watched Trainspotting (which I’d been meaning to watch for ages) and Weird Science, a 80s teen comedy about two nerds that create a girl using a computer. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and features Robert Downey Jr being a dick. Win.

Currently fighting with university timetable allocation website. I’ve somehow miraculously managed to move my 8am Psych tute (despite the fact that the system shouldn’t have let me– but I’m not complaining!), but still need to move a tute that clashes with rehearsals. Mm, I’ll work it out eventually.

By the way, that’s a picture of Alex with his cat. He’s going to hate me for putting it up, but it was that or the pasta.


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