Day 187- February 24, 2010

I decided not to go to the gym today, but rather have a sleep in to enjoy the last week of my holidays. I finished vacuuming and then spent most of the day reading articles online and learning songs on my guitar (I’m trying to learn At The Zoo by Simon and Garfunkel). I also had a banana thick shake at some point, which was good, if more than a bit filling. I had a look though my Flickr and saw that yesterday’s photo of the Liberal politicians jumping on the protest bandwagon got about 70 views overnight and is now my 8th most viewed picture of all time. I wonder why people keep clicking on it…

Band rehearsal in the evening. We rehearsed for the first time with the full band, as opposed to the rhythm section (drums, keys, guitar, bass) that has been rehearsing up to this point. It really is a rhythm section-heavy production, which is cool, but the other instruments fill out the sound a bit. Surprisingly, we also had dinner provided (various wraps, juices and bars), as the rehearsal ran until 9– the school isn’t normally that organised! So on the weekend, we’ll run the show through with the cast for the first time; a rehearsal called a “zitsprobe” for some strange reason.

And then home, for coffee. Coffee is very important. Unfortunately, I had no photo for the day since I accidentally left my camera battery in its charger. So Today’s Photo is of my parents watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons on Youtube. It’s funny how back in those days, the future was envisaged as space colonies and flying cars, but instead of those things, we have things that were never dreamed of. Like Youtube. It’s taken for granted now, but didn’t exist ten years ago. And it seems a bit funny that people can use it to find and watch things that they watched and enjoyed decades ago.


One response to “Day 187- February 24, 2010

  1. “space colonies and flying cars” I remember those! But now YouTube! Never thought of that back in the dark ages. Take a look at this video done by a high school student in Georgia starting the iSchool Initiative. You might be interested in helping.

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