Day 188- February 25, 2010

Another day of wagging physical activity. But I made up for it by finishing my corrections for school. I’m not really looking forward to also having to mark the assignments of the people who didn’t hand their work in on time, and am thinking of instituting a penalty for being late. Yeah, that’ll learn them. On the upside, I set up a deliciously anal spreadsheet to help me figure out the overall marks (with weighting!). Ahhh public service here I come…

And then I went through my collection of things I’d recently picked up for my walls. I’ve been picking up postcards and posters to put up on what little space there is left in my room, as well as some free music magazines that I cannibalised. Here they all are in Today’s Photo, being on my bed since I haven’t yet bothered to figure out how I’ll re-arrange my room for the umpteenth time. I was hoping to get them laminated since the paper is the same kind as in newspapers and not terribly hardy, but laminating costs at places like Officeworks are really high. Any ideas, anybody?

Again to rehearsal, where we actually managed to run through the second act with the singing and the dancing; although we did have to take The Last Supper (one of the scenes) over and over again. We also did The Crucifixion with the actual crucifix– a very large wooden cross that our set designer made. It sits on top of a pole coming up from the platform in the centre of the stage and needs two tall people to hoist it up. How authentic.


One response to “Day 188- February 25, 2010

  1. Laminating? See if you have friends still in Ivanhoe’s art dept.
    I still do the majority of my large-scale printing through Ivanhoe. I get Ruby to do it!

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