Day 189- February 26, 2010

I headed down to Moorabin today with Andrew. A very curious thing to do, perhaps. Who on earth would want to go to Moorabin? But Andrew is a pilot and for the price of a return trip to Moorabin Airport and two BLT burgers from McDonalds, I got a free flight around the bay. The trip to the airport was a bit intense– almost had a pile-up at some point when some idiot decided to brake suddenly in order to make a late-minute turn onto a freeway.

I picked up some travel sickness tablets from the pharmacy, but they warned that they “may cause drowsiness; do not operate machinery”, so I took Andrew’s all-natural ginger air-sickness tablets instead (I was burping ginger for a while– you should try it sometime!). I waited around, eating sushi, while he did his flight plan and all that very technical stuff that I didn’t even bother finding out about (he has some sort of navigational compass that is quite interesting though).

After fuelling and checking this and that and giving me the standard safety speech (“It is a federal offense to smoke on any part of this airplane, including in the toilets, which are fitted with smoke detectors”), Andrew took the plane down runway 34 Left and off we went. I was psyched up for a combination of crippling fear and nausea, but luckily neither of the two eventuated. It was quite a strange sensation though, being up so high in such a small vehicle.

We headed north along the bay shoreline to St Kilda, past the city and the western suburbs to Geelong. In the western suburbs, like Altona, we saw some bizarrely coloured blocks of land. They looked like shiny pools of something like oil, but apart from that, I have no idea what they could be. We headed over Avalon Airport, a “restricted airspace”. How exciting.

We then headed over to Geelong, firstly over the industrial areas (ahh memories of visiting my grandmother and the delightful factory views from her house) and then over the city and the piers. Then down south to Torquay, before making a turn to go to the opposite side of the bay. Andrew flew as low as legally permissible (500 feet) and did a few circles (including a steep turn or two) round Cape Schanck so that I could take photos of cliffs and waves and lighthouses. All in all, a very good spot from which to photograph!

Then back over the Peninsula back to the airport, where I again waited a while for an unspecified but very technical reason (I think Andrew needed to talk to an instructor). And then we went home (via McDonalds, so that I could get tomato sauce on my tshirt while eating a burger and driving), so that I could make dinner (well, some pasta sauce to go with some gnocchi). The rest of the evening was spent going through today’s photos, adjusting them (some were quite washed out because of the glare, but were saved by Lightroom) and uploading them here. And now I’m eating large lollipop. Woo!


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