Day 190- February 27, 2010

Another day at Flemington. I’ve been given a lunchtime hour private student now, so I have seven hours straight with only two 10 minute breaks in between. It means more money, but that I have a very limited time in which to wolf down my gnocchi. It’s an acquired skill.

I got my Year 8 classes to give group presentations today, ideally “information reports”. They got to pick their own topics, which ranged from pugs to Twilight to the solar system to Farmville. Yes, that’s right, I let my students do presentations on Farmville. How with the times am I (disclaimer: I have never played Farmville or approved of anybody else playing it). Some students did really well; others expected to be spoonfed, or tried to get out of it by suggesting alternative activities. No, you cannot draw a picture of the pug on the board in lieu of a presentation. No, you can’t present in dance. No, you cannot be in charge of “epic music”. Heh. On the upside, I managed to type out all my class rolls and make up a super-anal Excel spreadsheet that weights and averages all the marks and colour-codes missing assignments, failing students and excellent ones.

I popped into North Melbourne on the way home for Greg and Abby’s farewell drinks. Unfortunately the one time somebody has a tab at the bar is when I am driving and required to have zero BAC. Oh well, I got a free lemon lime and bitters (and lets not forget the spring rolls!). I chatted for a bit, and then went off home to do some marking and then out (again) to see The Room (again). It really is an amazing movie, even if you get pelted with plastic spoons the whole time. I love the way people act out scenes from the movie as they happen on-screen. Today’s Photo is of “Johnny” and “Mark” having a brawl. “Get out, get out, get out of my house!”.


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