Day 191- February 28, 2010

Mmm no sleep and long rehearsal is an interesting, but mostly difficult combination. Today’s rehearsal was what’s known as a zitsprobe– where the cast sings to a full run-through of the show with the band, without being on stage or dancing or any sort of choreography. It was only the second rehearsal for a lot of the band, and the first time we had played through some of the songs, so the result was interesting. It was good, though, to have played it all through with singers, even if there was a lot of stopping and starting and fixing things up.

It was pretty intense though, working solidly from about 10 in the morning until a lunch break at about 2.30, with only one short break in between. By the time we were given a lunch break, a lot of people were already getting tired and fidgety, and I was pretty much falling asleep on the piano. But then I had pizza for lunch, so it all worked out. By the end of the rehearsal, I really had had enough, so it was good that we managed to work through the remainder of the music quickly and finish a bit early. It was fun though, especially considering I get to play a synth (for the rock organ sound) which is on top of a grand piano. It’s a pretty cool look, especially when I’m playing both at once.

Then home, via an extensive detour (roadworks, I presume). I arrived home to a house full of bulk items, as Mum had gone to Costco and bought up a large variety of apocalypse-preparation-grade items. We now have several dozen packs of toilet paper, lots of soap and a large bucket of yoghurt. Everybody needs a large bucket of yoghurt.

The rest of the day was spent re-decorating my room (again). This isn’t the last of it- I still have things to laminate before I can put them up, but I am now up to 181 items up on my walls. I think I have a problem.


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