Day 192- March 1, 2010

What an excessively difficult start to the new university year. I had to endure 25 whole minutes of a lecture. What tragedy. Heh. This was because my Psychology tute only runs every second week and the one lecture I did have was only a short introductory one (during which we were told that we had a major assignment– a 3000 policy document making up 75% of the semester mark– due in about a month), which finished less than halfway through its allocated time. I’m not complaining.

I went into the city in the morning to see The Road with Jackie. I was tired, she was tired, so we both spent the day incoherently rambling at each other. Everybody should try it sometimes. The movie was alright: the acting was pretty good, I thought, but it just seemed to go on, and was obviously rather bleak. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood? A thing for which I am always in the mood is a Nick Cave/Warren Ellis soundtrack, so that worked out well. Meh. It was six dollars. Hardly a waste.

After the movie, we went to the bookshop (via a long chat with Debbie at the tram stop) to brave the hordes and attempt to buy books. There’s always long queues at this time of year, but it gave me a chance to take Today’s Photo (boring, I know- sorry) and have a look through some foreign languages phrasebooks. So now I have two very large course readers, costing me almost $90 (and I still have to get my Russian textbook… eugh). I’ve made a start on one of my readings and am 40 pages through the 70 pages set for this week. Woo!


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