Day 193- March 2, 2010

Actually had more than an hour of class today! What a revolutionary idea! My first lecture was for Social Science Research Methods, which has an alarming overlap with TOK (Theory of Knowledge– a subject I took in Year 12 and the bane of all IB students) and is taught by a fellow with a German accent. Brilliant start to the morning! Somewhat of a boring lecture, but it was only the first, and the subject does look fairly interesting overall.

Since it finished early, I decided to go to my Russian class that I wouldn’t normally be able to make. I feel a bit of a cheat, what with being in a beginners’ class. I can speak a bit of Russian, but my grammar is horrible and I don’t have any formal understanding of the language. So I’m hoping that learning (or rather, re-learning) the language will be useful, but also easy. Today we learned the alphabet, which was actually useful, because although I know all of the letters, I’ve forgotten their order (how shameful).

I met up with Jackie, picked up a free coffee (I seem to have a lot of vouchers) and we went to South Lawn to watch The Room on my laptop. We didn’t get too far through it, but my mission of getting more people to see it is progressing. We then went to North Court, where Woohoo Revue were playing (pictured). They’re a local gypsy band, playing fun and danceable music. I took photos and got some free hot dogs and beer (thank you, student union).

Came home, finished off my reading for this week. That’s pretty much it. More new classes tomorrow!


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