Day 194- March 3, 2010

More uni. Well, gym first. Gym, featuring a guy, on the cross trainer next to me, smelling of damp (it took me about five tries to word that sentence, and I’m pretty sure it’s still dodgy). That’s ok– you’re allowed to have atrocious grammar on the internet (among other things, including spelling, logic and design).

I went to the bookshop to buy my horrendously overpriced Russian textbook. Luckily, I managed to score a Union discount and trade in my Logic textbook from last year (much more economical than my original plan of ritually burning it) and so managed to get it almost at half price (and now to not write in that workbook so I can sell it on at the end of the year!). Russian class was alright– going through writing the letters and feeling like a complete cheat.

After a public policy lecture, I dashed off home (well, as much as you can dash when you have to wait about 15 minutes at the tram stop while full trams pass you, dinging noisily) to get the car, my music, and off to rehearsal. There really is no good way to play a keyboard on top of a piano. No matter how high I adjust the seat, the keyboard is still too high to play comfortably, and since sitting on stacked chairs was somewhat of an embarrassing failure (well, they tipped over), I’ve resorted to sitting down while playing piano and then standing up for the keyboard. Argh. At least I got food.

I arrived home to find the bank had sent me another bankcard (but I already have a debit card!) and an EP for me to review. I’ve signed up to contribute to the Austrlian music site The Dwarf and received my first CD to review today- Origami Army by the Mapletons (pictured). How exciting! I get to be a music critic. And I’ve also been given a double pass to see/photograph some Japanese bands tomorrow night at the East Brunswick Club. Expect photos. Expect them after 2am.


One response to “Day 194- March 3, 2010

  1. That sounds flippin’ sweet! How’d you get that gig as a CD reviewer?

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