Day 195- March 4, 2010

Firstly, Pilates, the ancient art of lying with your legs in the air and breathing as if you’re giving birth. It’s good for the posture. Pilates, that is. It must be doing me some good, along with Yoga. I’m more flexible now than I used to be, which isn’t saying much, but at least I can reach my toes now. Hooray for minor achievements!

Since I can’t go to my Thursday Psych lectures until rehearsals are over and there was no Policy tute this week, I only had one hour of class, being a Russian tute with my old Russian teacher. I used to take lessons, which primarily involved her giving me large quantities of food and me then obstinately refusing to revise my accusative cases (or whatever one does in the course of learning Russian). And now I have her as a tutor at uni, which is an interesting set of affairs (especially since she told me years ago that I’d take the language up again one day, and I never believed her).

I read some more The Master And Margarita today. I’m really not very good at getting through books quickly– it’s not that I can’t read quickly, but just that I’ll go days between picking up the book. It is a lot of fun though, and causes me to laugh out loudly on the train. Perhaps one day my Russian will be good enough to read it in the original language?

After rehearsal, during which the whole production was run through and I got fed up with people making noise backstage, I headed off to the East Brunswick Club with James to see some bands. I’ve recently become a contributor to a music website called The Dwarf, which gives me the opportunity to get free tickets to photograph (or review, should I choose to do that one day) gigs. We saw One One, a collaboration between Deerhoof (USA) and Tenniscoats (Japan), supported by Can Can (comprising the drummer from the former band and the guitarist from the latter) and Bum Creek, a rather bizarre band from Canberra.

Bum Creek played first, a noisy mix of distorted instruments, electronic noise and nonsense singing/speaking/yelling/screaming. The keyboard (heavily distorted) was violently played sideways, the drummer started playing discordant notes on a clarinet and the singer kept yelling “pilchard” for some reason. Then, after a conversation in silly voices, the singer brought a ladder out from back stage, danced with it and then took his shirt off. The drummer then had a go, sitting under the ladder and yelling into a cowbell. It was absolutely ridiculous and very noisy, but quite amusing.

Can Can were less bizarre, although almost as noisy, playing a non-stop set of improvised mania. The drummer was completely nuts, bashing out rhythms and sending sweat flying all over the place. The guitarist played some interesting sounds, including something that sounded vaguely Russian at some point. They were then joined by a singer/keyboardist and a singer/bassist to make up One One.

After all that noise, One One was a pleasant change, a happy-boppy, almost like Japanese indie pop, sound. The singing was nice (although incomprehensible to anybody who couldn’t speak Japanese), with lots of harmonisation and humming. And a melodica. You always win with a melodica. One of their songs sounded very much like Emiliana Torrini’s Gollum’s Song from the second LOTR movie, but that’s probably just me. I took heaps of photos (as always) and have uploaded only one now. The rest will be up tomorrow, and on The Dwarf. Mmm sleep now (hooray for Fridays off and sleep!).


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