Day 196- March 5, 2010

Ahh Fridays. For most people it’s the end of the week, the final stretch until a weekend off. I’ve finally adjusted my timetable to only get four days a week at uni, but I work Saturdays and Sundays (rehearsals are work, aren’t they?) so it all evens out.

After a lovely sleep-in, I uploaded my photos from the previous night to The Dwarf. It took ages because they have a stupid system which forces you to upload one at a time, but I’m told they’re upgrading to something better soon. After that, I tidied and dusted my room, vacuumed the house, washed my bedsheets, swept the verandas, did my Russian homework, returned a book to the library and went to the post office to mail Sarah some posters and postcards I’d been promising her.

Oh, the post office. There are two women who work at the local post office, and the face of one is permanently twisted into a scowl. Every time I go there, I stand in the line and pray that the other will serve me, and every time, without fail, I get served by her. She probably has a doctorate in Customer Disservice, and a diploma in Advanced Grimacing. Anyway, I went up to the counter with an envelope that I had bought and asked whether postage was included in the price of the envelope. She looked at me, rolled her eyes and sarcastically told me: “Well, you have to pay for postage”. GODDAMIT WOMAN! I felt like telling her that she was the reason I dread going to the post office, but instead politely paid for the envelope and went outside to sit on a bench and angrily stick postage stamps on it.

In the evening, I picked up some pizza and James came over with some beers to settle in for a film night. Today’s Photo is of how a glass of beer looks when you’ve poured it the way you’re supposed to (even my grandmother knows how, apparently), albeit one that’s been converted to black and white to disguise how grainy it is (ahhh faux-art). The first movie was the classic ultra-action/black-comedy/satire Robocop, which we followed with Defiance, in which Daniel Craig is the leader of a groups of Jews hiding in a Belarussian forest during WWII. It was good.


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