Day 197- March 6, 2010

I think I”ll go backwards today for a change. Start with the end of the day and work backwards. That way, if I get bored, you can just assume nothing much happened in the morning.

Just prior to writing this post, I was watching some incredibly action-packed Asian movie. Well, apart from the scenes in the village with the rice paddies. They were pretty serene. But all the ones with people being thrown through walls and having their families brutally murdered as revenge were. I think I should take up kung fu. Or at least stagefighting.

Previously, I ate dinner (pickled cucumber and cheese on crackers) while watching Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?, a 1967 movie about an interracial couple, featuring many dramatic monologues. I love dramatic monologues. I also love pickled cucumbers, and not only because they remind me of Bernard Black. So I ate that and some strawberries from Costco in lieu of a proper dinner. Proper dinners are overrated.

Prior to that, I took some photos, being aware of my need to post something, ANYTHING!, on the blog (“like every day”, to quote myself) and also of the diminishing light, which with it brings great photographic frustration. So I took some rain-themed photos of the back yard (with the exception of a random photo of some candles on a table), enjoying the luxury of shooting from indoors that telephoto lenses offer. Today’s Photo is of the garage, with the water streaming off the roof.

The rain here was nothing like in some other parts of Melbourne. I saw massive flooding and downpours on the news, with part of the Southern Cross Station roof collapsing and many parts of the city being flooded to waist height (Elizabeth Street was practically a river). Luckily, I didn’t experience any of that coming back from work (the worst I got was being stuck for about 10 minutes at an intersection because a tram had broken down across it), and was very glad I wasn’t taking public transport. I did see some extremely epic hail whilst there (think apocalyptic movie grade), which was very distracting for the students.

Work wasn’t too bad either. I managed to get all my marking done during the time I gave the students for quiet work, which is definitely a good thing. And I had some success in getting them to do some creative writing, which is also a good thing. I like how the students are opening up a bit more, both in contributing more in class (as opposed to the initial staring-at-the-table routine) and becoming less self-conscious in their writing and presentation. For someone with no teaching qualifications and no previous classroom experience, something like that really is quite rewarding (and a little bit thrilling).

The End (or The Beginning, depending on how you look at it. Who am I, Christopher Nolan?).


One response to “Day 197- March 6, 2010

  1. As with any post-modern writing, time can be bent. Is this really backwards, or is our traditional way to think of time a backwards notion? Just playing…

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