Day 198- March 7, 2010

Another long rehearsal. All the Sunday rehearsals are the same length, but some seem longer depending on how intense they are. Sometimes I get lucky, getting periods of not having to play the piano for a while, and sometimes it’s pretty full on. Today was one of those days. But at least it meant that we got a lot done and that the show is coming together. Being able to run the show through without having to stop several times is a pretty good indicator of that.

After rehearsal, I got out of the school as fast as I could and drove to Josiah’s (not as fast as I could, but observing speed limits and other driving safety factors). He was hosting a Coen Brothers-themed movie day/afternoon/night, which doubled as a sort of going-away shindig for his friend Steph, who is returning to America. This was not very much good to me, since she left about half an hour after I came. I did, however, get to enjoy the movies (the last half of Burn After Reading and then The Big Lebowski), as well as a lovely dinner (including bull boar sausages, the Lulham specialty!).

We played around on instruments at various points, so I have photos of Alice, Andrew and me playing guitars and stuff, but I couldn’t be bothered uploading them. What I do have are some photos of Josiah’s sister Ruby juggling (Today’s Photo is of her glowing juggling balls), as well as a shot of a chandelier. They’ve got some cool stuff at their place, but it might be a bit creepy (and rude) if I went around photographing it all. Also, we were busy watching The Big Lebowski. The Dude abides.


One response to “Day 198- March 7, 2010

  1. I wouldn’t mind if you took photos of everything. But I would find it creepy…


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