Day 199- March 8, 2010

Mmm uni. It was a public holiday. But the university doesn’t observe Labour Day. Which is kind of ironic because Victoria’s Labour Day holiday originated from a workers’ strike at the university itself. Oh well, we get plenty of other holidays (as I’m frequently reminded by jealous non-university students).

Had my first Psych tute. Most second years take two Psych subjects per semester, but since I’m fitting in Russian, I’m only taking Biological Psychology and so only go to the tute every two weeks. Today we were learning about epilepsy: a word which always takes me at least three attempts to spell properly. Perhaps this semester will rectify that. Anyway, we were told about the different varieties of the condition, their symptoms and causes, and then watched some videos from hospitals showing the different types of seizures. It was really helpful to be able to see the differences in the conditions and understand that better, but some of the videos were quite uncomfortable to watch.

Naturally, the tute finished quite early, so Aretha and I had free coffee with my coffee vouchers. Apparently, that made her day (the free coffee, obviously; not my company). We walked around looking for somewhere sunny to sit and drink the coffee, then discussed tattoos, parent-teacher interviews and inappropriately-worn platform shoes. When she had to leave for French, I went to the gym and then attempted to go to Yoga. Alas however, the class was all booked out! I inquired how soon the class had booked out. I was informed the girl right in front of me in the line got the last spot. FML.

I tried cycling class instead, since that sounded very sporty and impressive. Unfortunately, it had an even lower male-to-female ratio than Yoga (which actually does have quite a few guys doing it). By that, I mean that the instructor and I were the only persons in the room possessing a Y chromosome. To add insult to injury, it was a class that combined the joy of cycling with the musical merits of Top 40. Brilliant. I was almost grateful when I slipped at one point, injuring (ahem) myself, giving me an excuse to leave and be in agony elsewhere.

After my policy lecture and the train ride home (more Master and Margarita… I’m almost through it!), I tutored, did some reading and am now typing this for you, Dear Readers. (It’s nice to break the fourth wall every now and again).


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