Day 201- March 10, 2010

Getting into the city was easier today. Thank goodness. I really wasn’t in the mood for a repeat of yesterday, and the relatively uneventful trip gave me the opportunity to do some reading. Something something positivism something something hermeneutics (sounds like a branch of medicine, doesn’t it?) something something something Karl Popper.

On arrival at the gym, I realised I had left my gym card at home. Gosh darn it. So I went and did some more reading instead (via getting free icecream, which was being given out by a Sportsgirl promotion for some reason), eating my sushi and hiding from the elements. Oh how I hate the elements. Especially in Melbourne. The Melbourne elements can be right bastards, and unpredictable ones at that. Sushi, on the other hand, is generally excellent. So it was a win-win situation as far I was concerned, even if I was reading about subjectivism at the time.

Then, Russian. Julia unhelpfully pointed out that the tutor resembled Murray from Flight of the Conchords, which made the rest of the tute a constant struggle not to laugh. We had to go various short conversation exercises relating to airports and the such and practise making questions. Is Boris a student? No, he is a businessman. Is that narcotics? No, it is aspirin. Is that vodka or lemonade? It is lemonade. (Sure).

The last class of the day was the Policy lecture, which was interesting enough as we got to watch some footage of politicians abusing each other, not to mention some quite amusing spin. “We don’t call it taxation, we call it investment in human capital”- Sharman Stone. There’s now some complication with the subject’s first assessment, which was originally supposed to be a 3000 word report, due in about a month and comprising 75% of the mark. The lecturer has now decided to attempt to give us the option of doing that or having 1000 words of planning and bibliography due at that time and the rest in June, but is apparently having to jump through some administrative hurdles to make that change (including having to poll everybody taking the subject). I’m not really sure what to do. It would be nice to get the whole assessment out of the way soon, and probably get some bonus marks for having done it so early, but I’ve also got other assignments due around that time, am still committing a lot of time to the musical (which starts in two weeks) and would need to get started soon. Meh.

The trip home was again uncomplicated– I managed to get a seat and do my Russian homework for the week and get more reading done!– and so I went home to leave for rehearsal about five minutes later. Rehearsal was good, it being less tedious when the music comes together and we can play things without having to constantly stop. Unfortunately, I still hadn’t taken a Photo for the Day, but got one as soon as I got home and had coffee. Mm coffee. I really couldn’t live without it.


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