Day 202- March 11, 2010

Another photo of nothing-much-around-the-house. However, since I require myself to justify how each photo is relevant to the day (and thus justify its status as Today’s Photo), I think I’ll make up some complicated explanation involving feminism, since I was reading about feminist social science research today. At the end of the day, I was looking for things to photograph and just went around the house snapping random things (like this picture of canned fish) and took a shot of some washing on the couch that Mum had been folding. It was just a silly snap of some trivial and mundane thing, but I like the way it looks with the darkness, so now I need to say something that the washing represents the domestic duties in which women are enslaved by patriarchal (and let’s not forget capitalist!) men. The stack of the various items represents the layers of the social world that obfuscate reality and deny women the power to emancipate themselves (these are all words/phrases I came across in my reading). The darkness represents ignorance and truths hidden from the minds of the masses by the bourgeoisie, who control the means of production and therefore the means of controlling knowledge. (I think that’s enough crap for one day, and thank you to Sarah for the feminism idea).

I forgot my gym card AGAIN, so after my Policy tute (in which we had to introduce each other, including our star signs), I went to the computer lab to start researching my Policy assignment, which involved wading through a 164 page document outlining the Victorian Government’s transport policy. It could have been worse. At least there were no feminists or post-modernists or anybody with “critical” in their job description. I got Indian for lunch before going to Russian, in which we role played going through Customs (both the Soviet Union and the regular version– the former involved trembling with fear, apparently).

Home and then out (as is my custom) again, for another Zitsprobe (playing through the show with singing but no stage movement, choreography or anything like that). A rather uneventful rehearsal, although I am pleased that I have a better chair now. Well, two of them to be precise. I am playing a synthesizer and a grand piano (the former is on the latter), and sitting on a regular piano stool, it is very uncomfortable to play the synth as my arms need to be above shoulder height. Now I have two somewhat high chairs stacked onto each other to sit on, which is marginally better. And of course the highlight of the rehearsal was rocking out to Superstar at the end. SHAMELESS PLUG: COME SEE THE SHOW! MARCH 24-27 7:30PM AT IVANHOE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, IVANHOE. Thank you.


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