Day 203- March 12, 2010

Hooray! I’ve downloaded about 14 hours of new music, including the new OK Go album (having seen the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING video for This Too Shall Pass) and a whole bunch from the massive list of music recommendations that Sam sent me. Thanks Sam! I’m checking out Broken Social Scene, Coconut Records, The Cure, Death Cab For Cutie, Pixies, The Smiths, The Shins, The Strokes and Sufjan Stevens. It’s a good list to go from, and I still haven’t downloaded some albums I was checking out on The Dwarf.

After vacuuming the house and doing some Russian homework (“Are you a tourist?” “No, I am a journalist”), I went off to the city for a cafe-style get-together, seeing as how Steph (pictured) is being deported this Sunday (well, she’s not actually being deported, but she is going back to America, which is pretty much the same thing). As always, there were a few interesting people on the train. At Watsonia Station, there was a man who kept walking up to people and asking them if they needed “a smoke”, adding that we had “big problems” if we were lacking in said smokes. I politely refused and walked off, but then saw him harassing some other guy, who happened to be on the phone. This was of course no defense against Old Smokey following him around and talking right into his face. How awkward. Luckily, the next Marvellous Public Transport-Themed Character was more pleasant, being a trumpet-playing busker on the train. It was nice to hear some music and he looked a bit like a young Alec Baldwin.

I headed to Hell’s Kitchen, a cafe in Centre Place and was walking down the lane, looking for the cafe. Somehow I managed to miss Josiah, with his red hair and colourful shirt, waving at me (well, he’s not waving in the photo, but he was). We all (about 15 of us at one point) managed to fit into the small cafe, slowly taking over the tables as other people left until we controlled most of the territory (which, for some reason, made me think of Kramer and Newman playing Risk… “Ukraine is game to you?!”). It was a pretty cool place, with some interesting coffees on the menu. I tried a Yemeni coffee that was flavoured with ginger and one called a Saigon, which had condensed milk in it (it was actually really good– I normally hate sweetened/flavoured coffee!).

I came home to find we have a new shelf-type thing for potted plants, and have traded the desk in my room for an armchair. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! And now I’m going out again. I’ll tell you where tomorrow.


2 responses to “Day 203- March 12, 2010

  1. I love the photos for today!

  2. Yay for music.

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