Day 204- March 13, 2010

Well, I’m doing the old use-yesterday-night’s-photos-for-today’s-post trick. Mainly because I could have taken photos at Hell’s (again) today if I brought my camera, but didn’t have it on me seeing as going there was a last minute decision. Anyhow, last night was a surprise (going away) party for Steph, hosted by Sarah (not the regular Sarah mentioned in this blog, in case you’re wondering). The reason I was so vague in yesterday’s post was due to the surprise nature of the party and the small-but-existant possibility of ruining the surprise through blog post (you never know… Josiah’s always sending out my blog on his Facebook).

Anyway, so we all waited downstairs for the Moment Of Surprise (which I, of course, captured on camera). The rest of the night consisted of waiting for and then eating pizza, marvelous conversation with people I had just met (plus a few where neither of us could remember if we’d met) and attempting to wrest control of the music from various rival musical genre groups (I threw in my lot with 50s rock’n’roll). Today’s Photo is Josiah imbibing some quality wine, because clearly nothing says PARTY like cask wine straight from the cask to your mouth!

Today was work again. I had meant to take the train so that I could go to Hell’s (again), but ended up taking the car, so I could get up a bit later. Work wasn’t bad, and I was quite amused by some of the things that the students came up with in their presentations. The Year 8s were meant to do a fairly boring writing task about which people they’d save from a sinking ship. This was, of course, the kind of nonsense up with which I would not put, so I reworked the task as a group presenation/quasi-play in which each person had to play a character and either beg the captain for a spot on a lifeboat or tell him why they wanted somebody else to take their place. We had some interesting moral justifications, including diagnosing one of the characters with cancer to be able to kill him off with less guilt (how very Tommie Wiseau).

After work, I decided I didn’t want to go straight home and made my way to Centre Place, which is a difficult thing indeed when one is in an automobile. Traffic, traffic, more traffic, hook turn, more traffic, road works, unpredictable pedestrians, city car parking. Luckily it wasn’t a weekday. The place I parked lures in unsuspecting motorists with a $3 rate for the first half hour, which is then $15 for the next half hour. RIDICULOUSNESS! But luckily it was the weekend, and so I paid $8 (for being one whole minute over the hour) and enjoyed making a 15-point turn to maneuver my car into the spot.

I went to the upstairs part of Hell’s Kitchen (which is a bar as opposed to the downstairs cafe we were at yesterday) to meet with Josiah and Steph and all the others (including some people I’d only met yesterday and then some that I only met today!). It was good fun, including having our photo taken by the bartender and being all photo-nerdy with some girl (Jess, I think?), who completely intimidated me by rattling off a list of all her photographic equipment ($14,000 altogether). It was still a great conversation, even if I do have lens envy. 


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