Day 205- March 14, 2010

More rehearsal. Not too many left now, seeing as the show starts in less than two weeks (the 24th of March being opening night). A rather good thing too, as backstage is getting rather crowded now that we have the full band in there. It’s quite an unusual setup, and being backstage rather than in a pit in front of the stage means that people on stage can’t see the conductor. Solution: have a video camera backstage linked to a large television on the balcony at the back of the hall. It’s like the big screen at the football, except you don’t normally have conductors on them. (Not that I’d know, not having been to the football since primary school).

So the band is backstage, wedged behind the scaffolding platform that makes up the main portion of the set. The conductor (ft. live video camera) is in front of me and my grand-piano-with-synth-on-top setup. The drummer is sort of squished in the space between the piano and the wall. And the band is behind me, not able to see that much, given that I am sitting on two stacked chairs (gaffer taped together for better workplace safety!) so that I can play the synth. This chimeric chair of mine has the pleasing and most comfortable effect of giving me nowhere to put my legs (just imagine!). They’re sorted of squished in under the piano somewhere. I don’t know; it worked out somehow.

Home again. I ate dinner. I drank coffee (reminder to self: go to kitchen and get more coffee) and took a photo of this cupcake that Mum got from a market yesterday (it’s pink!). To break the food-related streak, I should mention that I found my yearbook from the end of primary school. It’s pretty funny to see who looks completely different, who looks EXACTLY the same (creepy), who is still getting top marks for everything, who used to be getting top marks and is now on hard drugs, etc. Good memories…


One response to “Day 205- March 14, 2010

  1. Was the cupcake purchased at the market at the Arts Centre? You can get ornate muffins/cupcakes (some people might get annoyed if I only ay muffin) for $3!

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