Day 206- March 15, 2010

Another food photo, sorry. I got to about 9.30pm and didn’t have anything to take, so photographed the fruit with chocolate sauce that I had for dessert. How boring. But perhaps it is a comment on the monotony of life, with some symbolic meaning or something like that. Or, more probably, it’s a photo I took in the last minute because I hadn’t taken anything yet. Let’s go with that one.

I did some reading for Public Policy Making on the train ride in today. One of the articles, which was defending the “policy cycle model”, was particularly annoying. The author kept citing his own research, which would have been acceptable if it wasn’t for the fact that he kept talking about how good it was. I think that academics should be banned from citing their own research simply because referring to oneself in the third person is extremely irritating.

I actually managed to get a ticket for Yoga before the class was booked out, so I was happy, even if it meant having to stay in the bloody Dog Pose for what seemed like forever (doubly unpleasant what with tired arms from gymming it up) and listen to the instructor go on with quasi-spiritual non-sequiturs. Then, a Policy lecture with Dr Scott in which he constantly referred to the university’s vice-chancellor for some reason.

Not much else. Short, boring post. Boring picture. But life is boring sometimes. It makes me appreciate the full-on crazy, exciting, amazing and fascinating parts of it more.


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