Day 208- March 17, 2010

The day began with a very confusing phone call. The phone rang (or rather, buzzed; I have it on silent). I picked it up. “Hello, is Alexander there?”. I’d like to think I replied “Speaking”, but my verbal communication skills aren’t that great when I’m in that limbo state between sleep and wakefulness (something to do with hypersynchronised brainwaves, I think… it came up in a Psych lecture at some point). “It’s Anna”. Anna who? She sounds familiar. “Sasha?” “Yeah” “It’s Anna” “Yeah”. Eloquence is another thing that wasn’t really going for me at the time. “Oh… wrong Sasha… sorry! Bye!”. Good one, Anna.

So then I woke up proper, and had a shower and made a sandwich, and other various things that make my mornings exciting (such as reading about an Epping train that caught fire last night… typical). Actually, I should probably pause to talk about the sandwich, because it really was quite brilliant. Turkish bread, cheese, that tomato and bean thing from dinner a few nights ago, some chili flakes sprinkled on top and baby spinach to stop it from getting soggy. A serious win as far as sandwiches go. Forget about Subway and their “sandwich artists”, I was like the Michaelangelo of sandwiches! And now I move on, before my ego is declared a national security threat by the Australian Defence Force.

I hopped in the car and went to uni, stopping at the McDonalds drive-thru for a 50c cone to get change for parking. More troubles with parking people (it’s either a union conspiracy or they, as a group, aren’t that bright). The carpark I use at the uni has both permit and casual parkers, with the latter buying tickets and putting them on their dashboards. I guess the boomgate to the carpark is always closed so that only people who know you have to put the ticket on your dash park there. I’m not entirely sure, but I think I can get my student card activated to be able to open the boomgate. But I haven’t done that, and so I have to ask the parking office to open the gate for me each time via the intercom. I push the button. Over a minute later, somebody answers. “Parking and Traffic” “Hi, could you please open the gate at the Eastern Precinct Carpark?” “Why?” “Um, I’d like to park there…?”. Seriously.

So then more Russian, in which we had to inquire as to the whereabouts of the local cinema and then a Policy lecture with Dr Scott (Rocky! Janet!), which wasn’t bad either. I went to the bookshop to buy a textbook and got an iced coffee before going to rehearsal, which wasn’t too arduous. I really am quite looking forward to the musical being over, mainly because the next week is going to be quite hectic (Thursday 5.30-10, Sunday 12-10, Tuesday 5.30-10, Wednesday 5.30-10, Thursday 5.30-10, Friday 5.30-10, Saturday 5.30-10). But at least it’s coming together, and I am looking forward to the performances.

Finally, home (via rocking out to Bowie, Kasabian and Ozomatli in the car) and having to drive through a huge web an orb spider had woven (is that the right form of the verb? I don’t care anyway) across the driveway. I was quite nervous getting out of the car because I wasn’t sure where the spider was (and was expecting it to drop down onto my face at any point). But I’m alright now, and even had a bottle of Asahi to celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day. It’s Japanese, I know, but we don’t have any Guinness. (Today’s Photo is completely irrelevant and is of a bowl of those fish-shaped soy-sauce things you get at the sushi shops. Mum’s been buying up quite a bit of sushi and we know have quite a collection of these fish).


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