Day 211- March 20, 2010

Saturday morning. Up you get. Come on. Get up, you lazy bastard. I’m not going to stop looping Everything In Its Right Place until you at least roll over and hit the button. And I know how much you love to hear Thom Yorke’s voice played backwards in the morning.

I hate you, Mr Phone. With your insistent buzzing and the stupid snooze function that I inadvertently activate about 90% of the time (which then causes Thom to give a very loud encore when I’m in the shower and unable to switch him off). Silly piece of technology. I should get an old-school alarm clock, like the one I used to have where the numbers flipped over (I just looked it up on Google and should totally buy one).

A car trip (ft. Led Zeppelin, Devendra Banhart, Billy Joel and Ozomatli) later, I was at Flemington, to instruct adolescents in the proper usage of adverbs and acrostic poems (the proper use for the latter is: never). As per usual, I got seven hours of teaching with about twenty minutes of break to eat my pizza slice thing. At least I got my marking done during class again. Hooray for having an Excel spreadsheet set up to do all the calculations for you!

Home, and more trawling through psychological journals for information about epilepsy and memory. I’ve managed to finish my research (or what I think should be enough) and so I’ll write up my assignment at some point soon. Hurrah! But not tomorrow, because I have approximately ten hours of rehearsal. Double hurrah! Also, try to guess what Today’s Photo is of. It’s a Mystery!


2 responses to “Day 211- March 20, 2010

  1. I cannot guess. It looks like an ornamental amplifier knob…

  2. can i guess? can i guess?

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