Day 213- March 22, 2010

There’s no better way to start the morning than a Psych tute on Alzheimer’s disease, possibly one of the most depressing things in the world. On the upside, we were watching a 60 Minutes story on a journalist with the disease, so in between the crushing horribleness of dementia, there were some ridiculous pieces of tabloid media to laugh at (such as a slow-mo shot of the dementia sufferer they were interviewing run through sprinklers to emotional music).

I then used my three-hour break in between that tute and my lecture to work on (and complete!) my Psych assignment (wagging gym and Yoga… how awful!). It was an introduction for a study on whether generalised seizures was worse for memory than temporal lobe seizures, and only a thousand words, but more difficult than it sounds. It involved a literature review, which was fairly routine (albeit time-consuming), but then putting it together to justify the aims of the study, blah blah blah… The point is that I got it done, and can now start on the next assignment. Hurrah!

I came late to my Policy lecture, which didn’t really matter, since Dr Scott was harping on about the Scandinavian welfare system. I ate my lunch, which was a bit awkward, because it was some sort of chickpea-type salad my parents brought home from my grandma’s yesterday, and it smelled quite strongly of whatever condiment it was that gave it flavour. Nobody seemed to notice, so everything was alright.

Home, and then to rehearsal. The last one actually, since the show starts on Wednesday (BUY TICKETS!!). I got some free hot dogs (and could generously be called icecream!) for dinner, and then we did a run-through of the show, including a very very intense version of The Crucifixion. It’s mostly free jazz and we all, for lack of a more precise musical term, go mental. Hopefully the piano will last the week. If not, I’ll have to play everything on the synth.

Lastly, Today’s Photo is irrelevant to this specific day, but very relevant to my life. It is my bookshelf, which is secondarily a place to store books, but primarily a place to store crap. Things to spot in the picture: Iron tablets Sarah left behind last time she was here, a tape measure, The Collected Works of Oscar Wilde, my childhood toy rabbit, ten zebras.


One response to “Day 213- March 22, 2010

  1. Quinoa and broadbean salad…

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