Day 214- March 23, 2010

Mmm so I didn’t go to Russian today. I set my alarm for 7am in order to get up and into the city by 9am, and very vaguely remember resetting the alarm for 8am when it buzzed the first time. I must stress that I take no responsibility for what Asleep-Me does (he’s been known to do some strange things). So my day started instead with a Research Methods lecture, which made slightly more sense than last week (but still featured heavily accented interjections from the lecturer while the guest speaker was talking), even if it was quite a large overlap with IB Psychology.

I then went up to Castro’s with Jackie and James (by “going to Castro’s” I mean sitting at their tables, not ordering anything and eavesdropping on mathematicians blasting the national primary school maths curriculum). James went off to meet Debbie, and Jackie and I met up with Josiah and went down to the Queensbury since it was Alice’s birthday and she told me to come. Luckily, through the magical property of my life which causes extremely connected social networks (sounds like an essay I wrote last semester), one of Josiah’s friends whom I met last week is a friend of hers and was there, so we all had enough people to talk to. Most of today’s photos on Flickr are from there (Today’s Photo is of a fellow whom I believe to be called Steve– is that right? Sorry!– eating wedges), apart from the one of a chalkboard I saw on Swanston Street.

After all the wedges, nachos and beer were consumed, it was time to get back to uni (lazy Arts students!) and my Research Methods tute, which involved interviewing each other and not really knowing what to do with it. The unstructured interview was particularly interesting, as I decided to take on the identity of someone who had recently left a cult. This somehow became the basis for a whole-class focus group (which I was facilitating, for some reason). Needless to say, the whole thing descended into a conversation on inappropriate things done to goats.

After a lecture on Alzheimer’s (again… thank goodness we’re done with it!), I went home, tutored for a while (including a mishap in which one of my students was accidentally dropped off by his mother half an hour early and had to wait in my dining room), had dinner and am watching Baba Kieuaria on-and-off while blogging. Sleep, methinks.


3 responses to “Day 214- March 23, 2010

  1. I’m laughing very hard, but I don’t think I should repeat what I’m thinking.

  2. haha you are correct, that is my name šŸ˜›

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