Day 215- March 24, 2010

“My mind is in darkness now”- Judas Iscariot.

Well, Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar. Also, it’s less of a mind and more of a living room. But it’s still pretty dark. I didn’t have any photos from today, and although I brought my camera to the musical (OPENING NIGHT!), I didn’t manage to photograph anything (too busy playing the piano, I guess). So I came home and took a bunch of photos there. I tried getting a pile of the clothes that I wore today (black belt, black pants, black shirt) to show how much black I was wearing (musicians’ standard dress), but that didn’t look very interesting. Today’s Photo is of my quite dark living room, being lit up by only one light. The others are of the pantry (since the fridge shot seemed to go down well), one of a MYSTERIOUS PARALLEL UNIVERSE in my television and motion blur one of Dad drinking coffee (also boring). Meh. Sometimes I have better things to do than take photos. Sometimes. Not often.

Anyway, I started off the day by going to the gym. Going to the gym and epically multitasking: riding an exercise bike, reading about network governance (and governance networks!) and listening to the new Public Opinion Afro Orchestra album that I have to review. So that all went well, and I went to Russian next, via getting some discounted pizza (that’s pizza with a discount token, not day-old pizza or anything like that). On the way, I walked past several environment-themed stalls that had been set up by greenies, handing out information and selling low-energy lightbulbs and re-usable coffee cups (aren’t most coffee cups re-usable?). One stall was under a tree and I saw people crowding around it and laughing. It turns out that there was a possum in the tree above it that was pooping onto the environmentalists. I laughed at the irony and continued onwards.

Russian was boring. Like, really boring. Argh. Let’s not talk about it. ONWARDS! To policy, which wasn’t too bad either. There was a guest speaker, who talked about policy networks. It actually was quite interesting, and more substantial than most of Dr Scott’s talks. Oh well. Then home and off to the musical. And we’re back where we started. Hooray!


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