Day 216- March 25, 2010

There’s nothing like a vigorous political discussion to start off the morning and wake you up. It’s like jogging, but less sweaty (except, maybe, during Question Time). The only annoying part is when the topic moves to a discussion that I know NOTHING ABOUT and one with which everybody else seems intimately familiar. Take, for example, the recent Rudd-Abbott debate. Completely missed it. Argh. How ignorant of me. Oh well. I kept strategic silence until something that I knew about came up again (or, at the very least, something I could fake convincingly).

I decided to skip All Manner of Physical Activity today and concentrate instead on more lofty pursuits, being mainly Russian homework and making a start on the review I have to write for the new Public Opinion Afro Orchestra album. I also made some lesson plans for Saturday, being an exam revision week. Fun. But at least reviewing was fun. Because it involves listening to music. And listening to music is fun (if the music is good). Hopefully, I’ll get that done soon. Because I think they’re expecting it by the end of the week. Yikes!

Then, Russian, in which we indicated the proximity (or lack thereof) of our respective houses to various prominent landmarks (the pub, the zoo, the casino… all excellent Russian nouns). A Psych lecture followed, being in the Public Lecture Theatre, which, owing to its horrible lighting, never fails to make me drowsy. To add insult to injury, the topic of the lecture was sleep, and the lecturer describes many different types of sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Then Aretha poked me awake. And back to beta brain waves, just like the lecturer said.

Home, dinner and (owing to my unwillingness to listen to the sage advice of my parents regarding Leaving Early) a decent walk from my car to the hall. Mm parking. Well, a lesson has been learned and I will be there early on Friday night. Saturday too! My plan was to get Di to take a photo of the band with my camera when she was taking one with hers. Unfortunately, I missed the band photo (owing to a level crossing, several inopportune red lights and aforementioned parking situation) and had to make do with Today’s Photo being of the set. The band is at the back behind the curtain (and the large, heavy crucifix), the structure in the middle is a scaffolding platform with two towers on the side, and the two stenciled designs are of (left to right) the Star of David and Caesar. Now that you’ve seen the set, come see the show!


One response to “Day 216- March 25, 2010

  1. The one of Caesar looks like he has horns.

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