Day 218- March 27, 2010

I’ve had quite a few musical-related photos recently. So today isn’t one of those, but rather a post-musical photo, taken at a cafe in Ivanhoe that we went to. It’s all over by the way– tonight was Closing Night. So no more photos from rehearsals (not that I had that many, but I had a few of amplifiers or something boring like that). And I decided not to make that photo of people throwing popcorn at Josiah Today’s Photo (the one where you can see the popcorn he’s been eating in his mouth and it’s revolting). I trust this will be a great relief for him.

I’ll skip over most of the day, because it mainly just involved work (and some degree of bewilderment concerning my pay, but that’s another story). Our story begins at approximately 7.30pm, when the musical began. There’s a section in the overture, in which a single-bar motif (the one that appears in Heaven On Their Minds and The 39 Lashes) is repeated for 19 bars before the horns and organ come in. I normally watch the conductor to cue me for the next section, but he lost count and had to guess where we were. So then he cued us for the next section and we came in at the wrong time, which was greatly confusing for the dancers. Oh dear. But they managed to catch up. Or whatever.

It was quite a good production for closing night. Everybody seemed pretty pumped (especially Andrew, who decided that he was Very Rock and stood up to take his solo), and we kind of went wild during The Crucifixion (which is, essentially, free improvisation). Then, during the bows (a reprise of Superstar), we kept playing at the end after being cut off. Very celebratory. Just jamming on the one chord (E major, if you’re interested, although I threw in a 7 and a flat 9). Very good fun.

After the clean up and throwing popcorn at Josiah, we went to Stokers, a nocturnal pancake place near the school. But it was pretty full (and the barrista looked hopeless), so we went to another place. Alack, they weren’t even serving coffee! But we couldn’t be bothered going anywhere else, so I begrudgingly enjoyed a glass of soda water. I had some cake, but it was pretty gross. Should have gone with the lemon tart…

Needless to say, we did not immediately go home, but had a Nighttime Carpark Conversation, featuring copious amounts of Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran quotes, and some dancing to Rick Astley. How bizarre. But I’m home now, and that’s all that matters (because I got coffee here). And oh God my wrist is sore. There’s something very chiropractically unhealthy about playing two keyboards at very different heights (a piano and a synthesizer), especially when the latter is about shoulder height. Argh.


One response to “Day 218- March 27, 2010

  1. I’m SO glad the popcorn photo was not your photo of the day. I would have been mortified. haha.

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