Day 219- March 28, 2010

Eugh. Research Methods assignment. It’s short. It should be simple. Just read two articles, write about the approach they’ve taken and the methods they’ve used, some other stuff, only a thousand words. Easy, right? Uh, no. Once you’re done reading about environmental policy in the Netherlands (which is exactly as boring as it sounds), you have to figure out exactly what they’re trying to say (I tune out whenever anybody mentions Foucault) and then whether the epistemological standpoint of the article is constructivism or subjectivism. The way I solved the last problem was: knowing that the research methodology was discourse analysis, I Googled “discourse analysis constructivism” and “discourse analysis subjectivism”. The former had about ten times as many results, so it must be right!

So, yeah. I would say that a good portion of the day was devoted to attempting to get onto that assignment. What a bore. I’m taking the day off (i.e. wagging one lecture, given I don’t have a Psych tute on odd numbered weeks), so hopefully I can get the first two parts of that done (the third is done in class on Tuesday). The only other interesting thing to happen today was an email telling me that some of my photos will be published in Audio Technology Magazine. Somebody found the photos I had taken of the live music rally and wanted to use some for an article he was writing. So I’ll receive a copy of the magazine in the mail soon. Until now, you can see the photos in the magazine preview here (skip to page four). And because I couldn’t take a photo of any of those things, Today’s Photo is of a stove coffee pot. Do I need a reason?


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