Day 222- March 31, 2010

Could not be bothered with the gym. I am getting horribly lazy, and will have to resolve to go more often soon, or there won’t be any point to my sports membership at all! Methinks I shall go on the morrow… But today, I slept in, which was good.

Since I didn’t go to the gym, and my Policy lecture wasn’t running this week, today was a very short day. However, since my only class was a two-hour Russian tute, it seemed like a very long day. It seemed to me as if the tutor didn’t have very much material to work with, as he seemed to be trying to stretch whatever content he had to cover out to fill the two hours. We also had to do delightful exercises, such as Putting In The Right Preposition, to form inspiring sentences such as “I know what you did in Saransk”. Funny, I thought that what happens in Saransk, stays in Saransk. And that the first rule of Saransk is: Don’t talk about Saransk. (And countless other idiotic things Julia and I came up with to amuse ourselves).

I came home to Mum making wafer cake for Easter and took some shots of the creamy caramel-y filling in the mixer and her grating chocolate to go on top (Today’s Photo). We watched Inspector Rex with subtitles (obviously) and the sound off and listened to John Lennon. Good combination.


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