Day 223- April 1, 2010

Hooray! Today was the last day of university before holidays (or the “non-teaching period”, depending on how anal you are). It kind of reminds me of the feeling you would get at the end of term in primary school. The last day of term always felt special in a strange, mostly indescribable way, and you would count down till the end of the day, until you were free. It’s kind of not that fun now, knowing as you do that in one week you’ll be back and already thinking about the assignments that will soon be due, but it’s still good to have the break.

I had meant to go to the gym after my Policy tute, but unfortunately forgot my gym towel (NO TOWEL NO ENTRY NO EXCEPTIONS, as it is written on the sign just outside the gym) and spent the next hour printing off assignments and handing them in before going to Pilates. Pilates involved a lot of stretching one’s back out on an exercise ball, which had the delightful side-effect of giving me a splitting headache just in time for Russian. Luckily, though, the headache went away so that I could be amused by the fact that we were made to parrot the Russian phrase for “at the university” back several dozen times, and that we were told on how Russians eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and AT NO OTHER TIME! I don’t think they know about second breakfast…

I went to the city to buy some… things… (possibly Easter-related) and then back to the uni for my Psych lecture, which was on neurons and action potentials and potassium channels and other things that are difficult to concentrate upon in the late afternoon, colourful diagrams or no. So I went home (via getting Lord of the Fries with Jackie) and had a shower and then out again to Hell’s, where Josiah was organising one of his “shindigs”.

The shindig in question was a loose social gathering, featuring too many people and not enough room at the bar. We made do, however, even if it meant re-shuffling several times to strategically control territory (it felt like a game of Risk or something like that, except with chairs and tables and space). But it was a good place, and even if we had to yell to be heard, it was good fun. Alex came at some point, with a friend from uni, as they had been taking photos for an assignment, taking a photography subject as part of a film degree. I left with them and we went around taking various photos of the limited amount of things that are out in the city on a weeknight. And then I went home.

And this is where I break to you the really sad news. You might have noticed that there is no picture for today. How could this be? I did take several photos today– walking through the city, at the bar, laneways, others taken with Alex. But for some reason my memory card is corrupted. And I have lost them all. And I, at about half past one in the morning, do not particularly have the inclination to figure out what steps to take to get them back. A moment of silence, please. Today, there is no Photo.

UPDATE: Alex has kindly donated a photo for this post. It’s from when we were walking around taking photos in the city at night. This is City Square on Swanston St, the table in the foreground being at Brunetti’s and the tent-thing in the background some sort of Comedy Festival venue.


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