Day 224- April 2, 2010

Argh. Stiff neck. We did a neck exercise in Pilates yesterday because apparently neck muscles are a neglected muscle group and having a strong neck gives you a better posture. The downside is that you feel really stiff the next day. Oh well, I guess I could always pretend that I’m in some sort of robot suit. Or perhaps not. I value not being institutionalised.

I got up this morning and went to get my hair cut by my aunt Lena. Why would anybody pay for a haircut? I mean, sure, I haven’t paid more than $10 for a haircut for about a year, but there comes a point where you’d like to be styled by someone who speaks English and doesn’t cut themselves half a dozen times through the course of the haircut (Lena only cut herself once). I also got a coffee out of the deal and a stale chocolate biscuit (breakfast is the most important meal of the day), and all I had to do was deliver a giant chocolate chicken (an Easter present from Mum)! Because, really, who wouldn’t cut someone’s hair for a giant chocolate chicken?

I came home, procrastinated, vacuumed most of the house and went off to church for Good Friday. Then, being muchly hungered, we went to McDonalds, where our order took forever and was stuffed up. Come on guys, you’re getting time-and-a-half! But I didn’t dwell on that too long, because it was time to go to Josiah’s for some jamming. We played for a while (with two guitarists, a bassist, two clarinetists and me on keys) and then had dinner, which was wonderful as always. Dessert was quite fancy too, being (I think) poached pear in coffee or something like that. I really haven’t made dessert or any kind of interesting food for ages…

We watched Snuff Box (bizarre, surreal British sketch show with Matt Berry of IT Crowd fame and Rich Fulter from The Mighty Boosh) and then I went home. And now I’m typing in bed, quite happy that my memory card isn’t stuffed after all and that I managed to actually keep the photos I took today. I took some of the decoration of the kulichii, which as recent readers of this blog or Russians will know, are Russian Easter cakes, by Maxim (Official Kulich Decoration Artist). We decorate them by topping them with icing and colourful sugar beads. See Today’s Photo. Nom. (On Sunday).


3 responses to “Day 224- April 2, 2010

  1. I did your mama’s recipe for kulich icing… she’s got a knack. Mine came out a bit chunkoid then I made a thin batch to compensate. In short – drippy AND thick, but oh so delicious. Also her XB is impressive. Poo.

  2. The XB was actually Maxim

  3. ok well now I feel even worse about my own XB 😦

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