Day 225- April 3, 2010

More Easter photos! In fact you might notice that the kulich in the background of this photo is the very same one that was the subject of Yesterday’s Photo. But today, we have coloured eggs (and some bokeh in the background, which never goes amiss!).

Seeing as it’s Easter Saturday, we’ve been busy preparing things like coloured eggs and other Easter decorations. By that, I mean that other people have been busy, and I’ve largely just been procrastinating and taking photos of other people’s handiwork. I still have to clean my room and pack for tomorrow, but taking photos of colourful things is a lot more fun. In case this is another facet of Russian culture with which you are unfamiliar, we dye eggs in various colours every year (unlike the boring old Greeks, who only use red). The trick is always getting the colour to stick on the egg, which is a complicated problem involving quantities of food dye and vinegar and the sizes of the containers in which they’re dyed. If you don’t do it properly, the colours come out washed-out and not at all impressive, but they seem to have worked well this year. (And then, of course, we arrange them with a wooden chicken).

As part of my procrastination, I decided to make a chocolate sauce from leftover eggs from last year. We had a large collection of small eggs in a box in the kitchen, and they were getting to the point where they were a bit stale and hard. So I put them all in a saucepan and melted them down into a thick and gooey gloop (which goes well with strawberries, actually). And now the bin is full with about a hundred chocolate wrappers.

I should probably go now. Most of the surfaces in my room are quite dusty and it would be a terrible shame if Sarah choked to death on her holiday. So I should rectify that and make sure everything is ready for going away to Hastings tomorrow, before we go to church tonight.


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