Day 226- April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Since I blogged last, I did all the things I promised (yes, I did dust my room!), had a nap, went to church (for several hours), came to Hastings, had a big Easter lunch, had another nap (nap central, innit?), sorted through my myriad of photos (which I will upload when I get home) and am now blogging again.

We left a lot earlier than the last year for the Easter service, with parking being a veritable nightmare. The number of people showing up on Easter is about ten times the regular figure, what with the majority of those attendees staying to have their kulichii and other foodstuffs blessed before going home to eat. But when you get there, the carpark is full and street parking is taken for blocks around (most driveways, too). So we got there about an hour before the service started, and managed to plead our way into a parking spot right next to the church.

I stood around and chatted until about 11pm, when the service started. After about half an hour, we went on the procession around the church, which is an annual spectacle for the local residents, consisting of several hundred Russians with candles singing loudly and making an absolute cacophony with the church bells (come to think of it, there’s probably a council by-law prohibiting most of our activities).

So there was much yelling and then some people went back into the church while the majority went home to drink vodka and eat ham. Church went on and on and on, as you would expect from a service of about three hours (not helped by the fact that said three hours extent into the early morning). Naturally, I took many many photos.

Then, home for the exchange of chocolate, the consumption of Polish sausage and sleep, before getting up in the morning to get ready to go to Hastings. My grandma and aunt had already been there (or here, rather) since Friday, and we went up to join them and some visiting friends for Easter lunch. Easter lunch, as most other lunches deserving of a special name, consisting of a very large quantity of food. Chicken, Chinese beef, schnitzel, several types of salads, even more types of ham, potato salad… it goes on. Not to mention all the chocolate I ate. So then I went for a nap, and managed to wake up with a creased face. Mmm flattering.

And now I’ve gone through the 200 or so photos I took last night, pared it down to a more managable 60 photos, and am done with them. I think that the rest of the evening will consist of watching some Lindsay Lohan movie on television and attempting to not eat any more chocolate (a lost cause).


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