Day 227- April 5, 2010

The first task for today was breakfast. Breakfast is usually a meal, rather than a task, but we were on a mission to eat as much of the leftover food from yesterday as possible. Yes, that’s right, ham platters. Much cheese. Liver pate. And, of course, jam (although that technically wasn’t part of the leftover food, but just a breakfast staple).

We then headed off to Mornington to trawl through antiques. These aren’t really the kind you’ll find on Antiques Roadshow, but a more strange collection of bizarre objects from various periods of time (late 19th century to 1980s or so)– from extremely out-of-tune pianos to vintage Playboy magazines to hilariously quasi-racist… well, everything. I took a few photos, but mainly just ended up browsing and bought two old records (mainly for the album covers, since I don’t have a turntable), some coloured shot glasses and a bizarre liquor dispensor thingy that looks like it needs a good clean. Also, Dad bought some binoculars.

We didn’t really feel like going anywhere after that, so we went to a cafe near where we’re staying called Pelican Pantry (because of all the pelicans that mill around the marina). An iced coffee, some fries and several dozen photos of pelicans later (they really are freaky birds), we went back to the cabins and took another stab at the food. To walk off some small part of the lunch, I went for a walk in the adjacent marshlands. It was pretty dry, but I still attempted to take some more photos, epecially of the little crabs that lived in the mud (goddamit camoflaged creatures!).

And now we’re attempting to find something to watch on television. Two And A Half Men is the best thing on– I don’t think there’s much hope.


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