Day 229- April 7, 2010

After a leisurely breakfast of cereal (fancy, I know!), Sarah and I ventured to the city with nothing in particular to do. That is a most excellent thing to do (or rather, not do), because you can do whatever you damn well please, without such concerns as having to be at point A at time B to meet with persons C and D for diabolical purpose E (and later for drinks at F!).

We started with a bit of a meander (to warm up for the more extreme forms of meandering we were to do today) to Federation Square to see the Mary and Max exhibition at ACMI. Since photography was not explicitly banned, I managed to get some shots of the various models from the movie that were on display. It was pretty cool because, as the movie was stop-motion animation, the models on display were the actual ones used in filming. Some of the character ones, such as Mary’s mother Vera and a rabbi were good, but particularly good were the full scenes, such as one of a kosher noodle factory (which was an eight-second scene in the movie and took three days to film) and Max’s apartment. We also saw some silly people doing Tai Chi at Federation Square (on Astroturf).

Then, of course, it was time for coffee, so we went (via further meandering) to a cafe at David Jones called Sensory Lab, where I lusted after bizarre espresso machines and we were served coffee and (tiny) cakes by people in lab coats. A brisk walk through some arcades and Melbourne Central followed, as did a diversion into a bookshop and (in a failed attempt to find berets) a disposals store. Unsure of what to do next, we consulted The Internet at the State Library and concluded that it would be a good idea to see a movie. So a trip to the Lord of the Fries (in which spicy sauce caused much streaming of the eyes and other such orifices) and a train ride later, we arrived at the cinemas in Collins St and saw a Swedish detective thriller called The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It was thrilling and Swedish.

The urge for coffee struck again (how could it not?) and we found ourselves walking around the city searching a venue in which to consume said narcotic: down Collins St, up Swanston St, up Lonsdale St and through Hardware Lane and down Bourke St, back down Elizabeth St and back to Collins St, before settling on Brunetti’s in City Square (which was, in actual fact, quite close from whence we had started our odyssey). After my coffee and Sarah’s gelatti, we walked down to Birrarung Marr (past the Ferris Wheel– Today’s Photo!) and sat by the Yarra River for a while before going home.

And now we’re watching The Prestige. Hooray for David Bowie!


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