Day 230- April 8, 2010

After a morning of watching The Mighty Boosh, we (being James and Sarah in addition to Yours Truly) took the train to Brunswick (via the city to meet up with Jackie and Josiah). We got off the train and walked down a heavily graffitied street filled with warehouses to a restaurant called the Court Jester Cafe. It was a Polish/Ukrainian place I read about in the Age, which was started by two art school students who got bored and got their old woggy grandmothers to help them set up a restaurant. We met Matt and Andrew there and lunched.

It was a curious place, with a long communal table and lots of crazy art on the walls. I had poached eggs and bacon on toast with marinated avacado and viniagred (beetroot-and-other-ingredients salad), and shared some pierogi with Sarah. James, of course, pulled his Obligatory Food Face (which was then mimicked by others), and then we took several photos (some graffiti-themed) on our way back to the station. And then it was back to the city to have coffee at Jungle Juice (via the underpass), where we discussed film and listened to Prince.

And then we came home to make pizza and watch movies. We just watched Whip It and am now onto 500 Days Of Summer. Chocolate might be in order at some point.


One response to “Day 230- April 8, 2010

  1. I love todays picture!

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