Day 231- April 9, 2010

Mm a slightly insane day. The reason why I’m writing this post the following morning is that we only got back after 1am and I was in no position to recount the many wonderful things that occured, or anything else save sleep, for that matter.

The day began as every day should, with the eating of banana pancakes. I have no idea what made me want to make them, but make them I did, and we ate them while partying on to a playlist of Phoenix, Kasabian and Billy Joel (good mix, I know). We then got in my car and slowly followed a woman in the station carpark so we could steal her parking spot. The Dandy Warhols soundtrack also helped.

We met up with Josiah at Jungle Juice (now a tradition) via getting some Lord’s Nuggets. In case you’ve never heard of them, they’re vegan/fake-meat nuggets from Lord of the Fries which are disturbingly similar to real chicken. I don’t really want to know how, but they taste really good. So yes, coffee. We returned to Jungle Juice and Sarah and I enjoyed a a Little General and  Vietnamese Iced Coffee respectively. It’s a nice place. I’d like to try their bagels. But I couldn’t. Because I was full of the Lord’s Nuggets.

A tram ride later, we were in Fitzroy and spent a while looking around at all the crazy people and wanky shops. I tried on a top hat and Sarah bought herself a ring. We also sampled some tea at T2 and had a coffee and some chips at the Little Creatures Dining Hall, a big-ass (for lack of a more technical term) restaurant/bar/beer hall/cafe/hire bike depository. Fitzroy really is a lovely place. And then you get the kinds of people you see on the tram. Sarah and I were discussing the incompetence of various state governments, and a fellow from Perth joined in the debate, followed by a British woman who had strong opinions on taxi drivers and the UK National Health. How interesting.

After all that coffee (not to mention the Boost juice we had earlier) we needed to visit the bathroom. But because we’re awesome, we didn’t go to just any toilets. We went to THE TOILETS ON THE THIRTY-FIFTH FLOOR! (The ones in the Sofitel Hotel). It’s a good view. And then down the lift again to Mamasita, a Mexican restaurant/bar on Collins Street. It was pretty good, and not too expensive. The newspaper review warned that you get crammed in, but we got some space at the bar and managed to not have to press up against the masses. We enjoyed some chicken quesadillas and a chorizo and potato tostadita, washed down with some sangria. Yum!

And then back on the tram (because we hadn’t yet been to enough places) in which drunken males attempted to scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting members of the public. It was amusing. And was before we even got to St Kilda! (Where a man doing tricks on a bike entertained one and all to hip-hop tunes). We went to the cinemas to see Kick Ass, a comedy about a teenager who tries to be a superhero (and featuring Nicholas Cage as a somewhat creepy vigilante). It was pretty funny. I mean, who doesn’t like 11-year-olds with proficiency in both firearms and knives and who swear like sailors? And bazookas. Bazookas are also cool.

The tram ride back was equally amusing, and the location of Today’s Photo. We were seated near some Welsh girls and a Swede, all drunk (sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?). The girls tried to braid the Swede’s hair, and the conversation somehow turned to limboing. I think one of the girls claimed to be representing Wales in a limbo championship. Anyway, we had our own tournament on the tram (slightly more difficult than regular limbo, what with the lack of space and the fact that the tram is moving). Anyway, Sarah won. It explains her current Facebook status.


One response to “Day 231- April 9, 2010

  1. Thanks for the tip about the loos on the 35th floor. It’s always good to know somewhere nice! If you’re even in a hurry and can’t afford to time to use the lift, the loos on the ground floor of the Westin on Collins are also great!

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