Day 232- April 10, 2010

Firstly, cake. We (being Sarah and I) haven’t made any food for a while, so we got it in our respective and collective heads (that’s right, both types!) to make a cake. After much deliberation and Googling, we settled on an orange and poppyseed recipe and went off to the shops to get supplies. There’s something strange about showing up to the IGA cashier with only two packets of poppyseeds, but I’m sure the fifteen year old serving us didn’t mind (mainly because he ran off to help somebody who dropped about a dozen cans of dog food).

So yes, cake. We made it and we iced it (orange cream cheese icing) and we put it in a plastic container thing. Then we hopped into the car and off to Fitzroy (because that’s where all the cool kids hang out). My aunt Lena has a studio above a cafe in Smith Street and it was to this austere (but mostly confusing) location that we paid a visit (and took Today’s Photo). It was confusing because, to get up to the studio, we had to find several hidden staircases (with the added challenge of attempting to avoid the no-go zones not belonging to Lena which are alarmed). And it was there that we sat for a while, chatting to Lena and her friends Theo and Dave, eating and drinking. The views were also quite nice and we tried on some wigs that she’d bought from a nearby Asian discount shop.

Then it was back in the car and off to Josiah’s place, for one of his impromptu get-togethers. Our cake was well-appreciated, we danced to Beyonce and enjoyed grinding salt onto a tablecloth on which somebody had carelessly spilled red wine. I’m not sure whether the salt actually gets the stain out, but it was good fun. After paying Josiahs “luxury portable bathroom” a visit, we were off (again!), this time to Brunswick to see a band.

The band in question was Philadelphia Grand Jury, a rock (who bothers with any meaningful genres these days?) band from Sydney. Unfortunately, the first support act was quite terrible and very loud. The singer couldn’t even scream properly (which is always awkward) and it really wasn’t very interesting to listen to, so we bailed and went to a nearby petrol station for ATMs and Red Rock Deli chips. We went back for the second support act, The John Steel Singers, which were actually quite good. They had a good ensemble going, what with keys and brass in addition to the regular rock set-up, and some fun, danceable songs. Philadelphia Grand Jury (or the Philly Jays, as they called themselves) were also fun, and finished with a cover of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any photos of them, because we were at the back. Also, we were too busy dancing. Boo-yah!


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