Day 235- April 13, 2010

Argh. Easter chocolate. You vicious beast. You vicious, enticing, delicious, addictive and fattening beast. I’ve eaten God-knows-how-many little chocolate eggs, and I’m starting to feel a bit bleugh. EVIL CONFECTIONARY-TYPE SUCCUBUS! That’s probably enough for now. It would be a terrible pity if I were institutionalised, particularly what with essays due and the fact that I have a wedding and a ball to go to in the next few weeks.

So yes, moving on. Today was rather uneventful (thus, Today’s Photo being of chocolate), which was slightly better for the fact that SSRM lectures and tutes weren’t running this week. This meant I could go to a 11am Russian tute rather than a 9am one (always an improvement). Russian, sadly, was uninspiring, as the highlight of the class was learning about how some verbs end slightly differently to others. We also had to read some dialogues from the “engaging story line”, but they largely involved Ivan checking into a hotel and inquiring as to what time the bar opened (typical).

I then met with Jackie for a good hard whinge about how tired we were and how we wished we were still on break, and to get movies off her hard drive. Although I brought lunch, I ended up getting a couple of slices of pizza anyway. There’s something about hot food on cold days. And I mean hot. As in, I burned myself on the pepperoni. It was worth it. I know what you’re thinking– burning pizzas, electric fences– what will he get up to next? Well, it was nothing exciting or dangerous, but just coffee.

Then, a psych lecture (in which I somehow managed to not fall asleep!) and home, having spent a trillion dollars of phone credit to organise and confirm tutoring times for the evening. It was good to get back into tutoring, especially considering I was short on cash, and then it was dinner, way too much chocolate and now this. And now I’m sleepy. Well, I was sleepy for most of the day, but now I’m in bed and it is an appropriate time to sleep. So sleep I shall. Sleep, perchance to dream, etc.


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