Day 236- April 14, 2010

Mm another boring day. I’m not sure whether my life becoming more boring, or whether it just seems that way after my Crazy Adventures With Sarah. No long car trips, no limbo contests, no random political debates on the tram. And the worst part is that there’s nothing much to photograph. The soup I had for dinner? The lecture we had on policy agenda setting? I chose instead to take a photo of the shot glasses I bought on holiday in Hastings because they’re colourful. And they’re sitting on my shelf (photo actually taken in the bathroom) along with the liquor dispenser because I have no other place for them.

The sleep-in was nice today, catching up on lost sleep over the break. And then up and to uni for my two hour Russian tute, possibly the most boring class of the week, held in what is, at any given time, either the most stuffy or the most blowy room in the entire university. Pleasant. Then, some coffee before my Policy lecture, which wasn’t too bad, the latter half consisting of a documentary about journalists being unfair to idiots like Pauline Hanson.

The trip home was a combination of reading about agenda setting, listening to music (new earphones! hooray!) and “braving the elements” (which came upon us quite suddenly). I think I miss the warmer weather; this overcastness (totally a word) is a bit dreary. Nothing more to write. My complete apologies. Perhaps something tomorrow.


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