Day 237- April 15, 2010

Hooray! Another Triumphant Return to the Gym! I haven’t been for a few weeks, and I’ve been feeling quite lazy, so although I completely didn’t feel like it when I woke up in the morning, I resolved to put on my shorts, grab my sweat towel, fill up my water bottle and go and do whatever it is I do in there (I’m not that sure- I generally tune out). And I didn’t fall over on the treadmill. I didn’t collapse, gasping for air. I survived, and hopefully this means I’ll start going regularly again.

Instead of going to Pilates (which I also haven’t done for a while), I went to a Psych tute, to make up for the one I missed on Monday (you know, what with the roadtripping and such). The tute in question consisted mostly of going to a computer lab and running a particularly awful program that was an online multimedia-ish “textbook” of sorts. Basically, you clicked through slides with information, diagrams, graphs, photos and videos related to sleep (as well as strange “music” that was completely unrelated). In addition to being terribly confusing and not at all educational, it featured some of the worst crimes against design I have ever seen. Yes, that includes Wordart. Bizarre colours. Horrible layouts. Basically, it looked like some crap that was designed when computers just got colour monitors (except that it was from 2007).

But enough about that. I got some sushi and went to Russian (good combination?). Still hungry after class, I got some naan bread and did a bit of research for my Policy essay (argh) before going back into the city to meet up with various cousins of mine. Apparently, Kira had bought several tickets to some comedy shows, and someone had dropped out without paying. Luckily, I was free, so I came along and met up with them to have dinner at some Asian restaurant before seeing Arj Barker. He was pretty funny, although not quite as good as on a DVD of his I’d seen last year. I still thought he was pretty good, and particularly enjoyed his local-themed material (such as that ridiculous statue of a purse on Bourke St).

We had a bit of time to kill before the next act, and so went to Caboose in City Square for drinks (I also got a sundae from McDonalds, but was very disappointed to find that they were out of chocolate sauce– their caramel just isn’t as good). The act in question was Sam Simmons (pictured), a very random and absurd comic. He performed in the Bosco Theatre, a smallish circus-type building set up in City Square. He really was quite funny, and very silly (some bits reminded me of the Powerthirst series). I also liked the use of bizarre props (a cabbage with googly eyes, plastic ants, several pictures of Vince Vaughn and Burger Rings, amongst others).

Then I got a lift home with Pat and Anna and am in bed, typing this and trying not to eat too much chocolate.


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