Day 238- April 16, 2010

Day off. Hurrah. Lots of clutter to clean up. Less hurrah. Can you even have varying degrees of hurrah? Meh, I don’t care.

So I washed the dog and hung out the clothes and then cleaned up part of my room and then realised that I left about half the clothes in the washer (and so hung those out as well) and then washed my bed and then ate some chocolate and then hung out my bed and then ate some chocolate and then cleaned the rest of my room and then vacuumed the house. Then, I ate some chocolate (do you see a pattern emerging?). After lunch, I finally got down to work on my essay, and went through several long articles (on what proportion of people living in Pakenham take the train to work, what social interactionists think of policy analysis and things like that) in an attempt to find something I can really use. Argh.

Oh well. It will be finished in less than two weeks (hopefully done well) and then I won’t have to worry about it anymore. I will, however, be left with a myriad of random information about public transport and urban density with which to begin animated arguments on the tram with people from Perth (or perhaps that Scottish dude I met at the airport). That’s always good fun. I’ve always derived a sneaky sense of smug self-satisfaction (hurrah! alliteration!) from boring people with esoteric knowledge. Ever since I was seven or so and had my Big Book Of Science which taught me how to determine paternity through blood types.

I left my photo-taking quite late, as usual, and by the time I had picked up the camera, it was late (and dark, at this time of year). So I had to experiment with taking photos in low light (I don’t have a terribly fast lens… damn you Alex!). I took a silly self-portrait and some shots against windows with a partial reflection (like Today’s Photo, in which you can see both the kitchen and a tree outside). Methinks I’ll talk photos during daylight tomorrow.


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