Day 239- April 17, 2010

Back to work. After a few weeks off for the school holiday break, we were back for (puzzlingly) the last week of Term 1. Since the last term was short, the school had the Term 1 exam today, which means we actually start Term 2 next week. Like it matters. In any case, today was the exam or the test or whatever you want to call it. Which meant I had my first experience of exam marking and report writing. And what fun it was! Well, actually, it wasn’t that bad. I just hope that my handwriting in the three square inches of space we have for “Teacher’s Comment” on the reports is legible.

It wasn’t too bad. All day, I had classes of students (generally) working quietly, and so was able to write the reports and mark the exams of the previous classes. In fact, I managed to get all the reports written (about 60 of them) and most of the exams corrected, so I only had one class’ worth of exams to correct when I came home. Win. And I managed to get all the students to shut up by informing them that it would not be prudent to annoy the teacher who is, at the current moment, writing their reports. God I love using tricks my teachers used to use on me. I also had fun with the politically correct report comments. I don’t think you’re allowed to say “so-and-so never shuts the hell up”, so I used “would benefit from concentrating more in class” instead. It’s all the excitement of a recent teaching graduate but without the teaching qualification!

The drive home was quite nice, what with the autumn afternoon sun coming down and painting everything that yellow you usually find in advertisements which tell you that your entire life will be happy if you buy their product (it’s normally car insurance or pre-paid phone credit). I had my drive through Royal Park and Carlton, singing along to my music. The greatest thing about driving is that you can sing as badly as you like. It’s amazing. Although it makes for awkward red lights when you’ve been singing Captain Jack loudly with the window all the way down.

Coming home, I had intended to capture some of that afternoon sun, but because of the days shortening and the fact that our neighbour on the west (the one we almost sued, remember?) has a horrible monstrosity of a vaguely legal Colourbond roof extension which tends to block the sun (a la Mr Burns), it proved somewhat difficult. I managed to get a variety of other shots instead, such as leaves and trees and sky, but this was a bit boring since I’ve taken a lot of those before. So I decided to put them side by side and see how the colours worked together. Voila! Today’s Photo!


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