Day 240- April 18, 2010

A lot of food today. It’s surprising that Today’s Photo isn’t of/about food. Just goes to show that I am capable of doing things other than making and eating food (who would have thought?).

The day began with food. Having a Sunday morning (or what was left of it, given my sleep in), I decided against my usual breakfast of cereal and opted instead to boil chopped pear in some honey and water and then add cinnamon and oats. It was kind of like porridge, but less gluggy (a scientific word). I got to work on my Politics essay, and actually managed to get through some research, but then decided it would be more exciting to make a cake (see, more food!). My parents were having an old friend over in the evening, so I used this as a most marvelous excuse to procrastinate and found a good-looking recipe for apple cake.

I made the cake (even managing to get the hang of peeling an whole apple in one go in the process!) and the butterscotch sauce to go with it. Then I cleaned up and barbecued some sausages for lunch (I told you; it just keeps on coming). So we ate and then James came over and we were off to the train station to go off and see a comedy show in the city.

We met with Andrew on the train and while waiting for Jackie at Flinders Street, we saw this really creepy mime. He was standing near the station with a thick layer of cracked makeup on, pulling bizarre and somewhat frightening faces at passers-by. I don’t know how this would encourage them to give him money; he really did look quite evil. But I have to laugh, because now mimes will always make think of the scene in Mary and Max in which Max inadvertently kills a mime artist.

Anyway, so we all walked down to the Arts Centre for the show, which was called Spontaneous Broadway. The show started with the four performers reading through suggestions for songs from the audience, and then making up a storyline for a Broadway musical. The audience then voted (by making noise) for the play they wanted to see, which would then be made up on the spot. I was really quite impressed by the pianist, who had to improvise all the music on the spot, based on the kinds of genres or sounds the actors wanted. In the end, the audience voted for a musical called Duelling Pianos, about, Gustav, a piano teacher from Craigieburn (via Thomastown) who was trying to push his piano student (played by RockWiz‘s Julia Zemiro) to become famous and perform at Carnegie Hall. However, in a plot twist, Blogdan, the evil Bulgarian piano teacher (also from Craigieburn– pictued), was having an affair with Gustav’s wife and was on the run from the police for illegally owning  an ivory piano. In the end, Gustav’s student and his wife had a piano face-off (hence the title), which ended when a rampaging elephant killed the latter in revenge for the ivory. It was wonderfully ridiculous and a great laugh.

We then went to Caboose for a drink and Lord of the Fries before heading back to my place for cake and Singstar. My parents were reminiscing over old photos with aforementioned old friend, and took great pleasure in bringing out old photos of me looking silly and showing everybody. Delightful. They also found a photo from church back when we lived in Sydney that had a six-year-old Sarah in it. How absolutely bizarre.


One response to “Day 240- April 18, 2010

  1. yay for me being in your photo album…
    totally fate

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