Day 242- April 20, 2010

I don’t like Tuesdays, contrary to how the Easybeats felt about them. I bet they never had to go to Russian in the morning. But go to Russian I did. On the train before the one that caught on fire, too. What good timing!

So I went to Russian (well, eventually– we were locked out of our regular room and had to find another) and learned how to order vodka in restaurants and the fact that caviar is expensive (well, Ivan, what did you expect?). And then I went to Research Methods, in which I found that the guest lecturer, the head of a research ethics committee presenting on research ethics, was the professor who had lied to me about a contested exam paper being lost. How ethical of her. It was quite ironic. And I still want my paper found and remarked. Bastards…

Anyway, the lecture finished with a video of a replication of the classic Milgram experiment and I went off to Borders with Jackie to get James a present for his birthday next week. Obviously, I can’t say what I got him, but I did find a Twilight graphic novel, in which the drawn characters were both better looking and more expressive than their film counterparts. We then stopped by Brunetti’s so that I could get my gelato fix (on such a nice day, you’re almost obliged to eat it) and then back to uni for coffee and the such.

After another tute, I walked around looking for the Photo of the Day, and took some shots of the newly re-opened “reflective pond”. This rectangular artificial pond on South Lawn had been filled up for the past year or so but has recently been refilled (presumably due to the relaxation of water restrictions). The photo is nothing impressive, but it was either that or more shots of gelato.

My final lecture, and again I fell asleep. I really hate the Public Lecture Theatre. Simply cannot keep my eyes open in it. At least this lecture wasn’t on sleep. I’ve had my dose of irony for the day (see earlier in the post). Fast forward to home and dinner and tutoring and more photos. I think I”ll have to scan some. There’s some classics in there.


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